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Saturday, 21 June 2008 10:29
I Love a Sunburnt Country Well, we have sent you all our blogs from all of our travels and I thought we may as well do one to update all the friends and fam now... that we are pretty well settled into life back in Oz. After seeing so many beautiful places on earth you kind of forget or never get around to taking pictures of your own home. We wanted to share some with you.

It hasn't been the easiest of roads coming home but we have done well to tackle all the obstacles come our way so far and I think we've done the hard yards already anyway - travelling and living in each others pockets for so long with no escape from each other!! Sam was lucky to have found work pretty much straight away at a well known bathroom company on the coast, but it took me a little longer to land a job as admin/reception work is around but many people want to do it. In the end it came down to who I knew and I landed work at a Real Estate Agency. Both of us are at the bottom of our companies but its all good, can only

We managed to get a fairly cheap little duplex to live in not far from the centre of town in Maroochydore, its peaceful and convenient and a good place to get back on our feet. We are around the corner from my highschool and on a sunday we try to get down to the sports oval and hit golf balls, We have both become pretty stoked on golf, we have our own clubs and try to get about having a whack on 9 holes whenever the weather is good.

We enjoyed a very festive Australia Day back in February out at my good friend's parents farm. Huddo owns a few acres which were put to good use with a bit of golf and backyard cricket. Sam and I were amongst the last few still standing at 3 in the morning taking control of the karaoke machine - good times!! As my brother has quite a few racehorses too, we hit the local track up at Gympie (no - people don't walk around in leather outfits) a few times for a day out at the races, country style complete with a dirt race track and quite.

Sam has struggled the most adjusting to coast life - allthougth the beaches are beautiful and a plenty, the public transport system is unfortunately nowhere near on par with old London town and if you live in Oz - you must drive. We bought a little Ford Festiva off a friend and I set off to teach Sam how to drive (as a Londoner there is no need for a license) I can't believe we didn't kill each other, they say couples should never give each other driving lessons but no fights yet funny enough - he puts up with my bossiness behind the wheel!!

After seeing so many national sports in our travels I felt bad for not have even seeing a game of AFL live in my own country. Sam was missing the footy back home and lucky for us a friend has season tickets to the Gabba to watch the Lions so we tagged along to watch them slaughter the Saints by 80 points. I hate to say it being an Aussie girl

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