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Written by Community Leader   
Tuesday, 24 June 2008 09:15

Welcome to Xposure Television a new TV station passionate about bringing innovative and dynamic programming to our viewers.
Our mission is to open an interactive dialogue, relationship with the African and Caribbean community thru the medium of media.
Our direction is to reach not only the individual but the whole community and to develop unity within our Society.

Who Are We?
We live in a multicultural world where identity is central to any individual’s sense of belonging.
Xposure TV is the ideal vehicle to reach a diverse audience in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.
Our vision is radical informative programming for a hugely marginalized people. The Diaspora community is largely uncatered for within mainstream media.
Xposoure TVs distinctive programming aims to reach beyond political and cultural boundaries and to unite the people of the Diaspora and those back home.
With a wealth of dynamic, targeted features Xposure TV is also an ideal platform for anyone looking to reach or communicate with the wider community at large.

Who We Aim To Reach:
Xposure aims eventually to reach millions of homes across Europe, Caribbean, and Africa and beyond. We will be available on international leading satellite stations and platforms.
In the UK the channel will be available on Sky the premier subscription television company, which offers a vast range of services to over 9 million active subscribers.
With Xposure TV on the Sky network we will be in the best possible position to reach the communities across the UK and the rest of the world, so our reach will be truly global.

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