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Saturday, 21 June 2008 10:29
Police crackdown on drink-driving More than 50 people have been caught drink-driving in Leicestershire three weeks into a summer campaign...

Since 1 June, 50 men and five women have been found to be over the drink-drive limit when stopped by officers from Leicestershire Police.

A total of 812 drivers have been breathalysed since the start of the campaign, with 33% of those found over the limit under the age of 25.

All those found guilty of breaking the law face a 12-month driving ban.

John Budulis, a road safety officer from Leicestershire Police, said: "The majority of these drivers were caught between 2200 BST and 0400 BST, as you would expect.

"However, three were caught between 0600 BST and 0800 BST and a further 10 drivers between 1400 BST and 2000 BST. It's important to remember that you could still be over the legal alcohol limit the morning after the night before."

Source: BBC

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